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30 Dakikalık Egzersiz Programı


Daha önce verdiğimiz 10 dakikada sıkılaştıran egzersizler ve üzerine eklenen ilave 10 dakikalık egzersizleri içeren 20 Dakikalık Egzersiz Programı‘na şimdi bir 10 dakika daha ekleyerek 30 dakikalık Egzersiz Programı ‘nı sizlere sunuyoruz.

Bu hızlı egzersizleri evde yapın ve forma hemen girin! 20 dakikalık Egzersiz Programına ilave olarak yapın. Karnınızı düzleştirmek ve sıkılaştırmak için hemen karın hareketlerini uygulamaya başlayabilirsiniz.

1. Bisiklet


2. İki yana kaldırma


3. Hamle


4. Dış Kas Hareketi


10 Dakikada Sıkılaştır​an Egzersizle​r

20 Dakikalık Egzersiz Programı





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  • Product Introduction The Empty Herb Capsules are mainly made of Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, which are derived from pine fiber or cotton fiber. We only use pine fiber to avoid risks such as genetic modification and pesticide residues, and promote health concepts in the meanwhile. They are cylindrical and are hard and elastic hollow pockets that are fitted by the cap and body. The capsule body has the properties of smooth surface, uniform in color, smooth incision, no deformation as well as odorless. In addition, the Empty Herb Capsules can hold a variety of powders, liquids, semi-solids and tablets. They dissolve quickly, reliably and safely, so they have good bioavailability. We offer more than ten colors of existing products for customers to choose from, and we can also produce hollow capsules of various colors and specifications according to the requirements of different customers.  Product Specifications sizeHPMC veg Capsules SpecificationsAverage weight (mg)Water Cap wall thickness  (mm)Body wall thickness  (mm)Dome thickness (mm)Length of cap  (mm)Length of body  (mm) 00#0.115卤0.0200.110卤0.020鈮?.1211.80卤0.4020.05卤0.40123卤8.04锝?% 0#0.110卤0.0200.105卤0.020鈮?.1211.00卤0.4018.50卤0.4097卤7.0 1#0.105卤0.0200.100卤0.020鈮?.129.90卤0.4016.50卤0.4077卤6.0 2#0.095卤0.0200.095卤0.020鈮?.129.00卤0.4015.40卤0.4063卤5.0 3#0.095卤0.0200.095卤0.020鈮?.128.10卤0.4013.60卤0.4049卤4.0 4#0.095卤0.0200.095卤0.020鈮?.127.20卤0.4012.20卤0.4039卤3.0 Product Details Certificate of Analysis Test itemsSpecificationsResults CharacterTwo-piece Hard Capsules made from all natural plant derived raw materials with typical, almost neutral taste and odor. Hypromellose (Hydroxy-propyl-methyl cellulose, HPMC) is a polymer of cellulose ethers, derived from wood cellulose fibers.Complies IdentificationThe smoke of burned capsules smell like burning wood chip.Complies Lubricant content鈮?.5%0.02% Loss on drying鈮?.5%5.5% Ignition residue鈮?%锛圱ransparent锛?/p>鈮?%锛圕olored锛?/p>0.8% Heavy metal鈮?0 ppm锛?0 ppm Mercury鈮?.1 ppmAbsent Lead鈮? ppm0.075 Cadmium鈮? ppmAbsent Arsenic鈮? ppm锛? ppm Disintegration time鈮?5mins9鈥?3\'\' MicrobialTotal bacteria count鈮?000cfu/g锛?0cfu/g Total yeast and mold count鈮?00cfu/g锛?0cfu/g Negative E.coli/1gAbsent Negative staphylococcus aureus /1gAbsent Negative salmonella/10gAbsent Negative pseudomonas aeruginosaAbsent ConclusionThe above batch was tested using methods described in current edition of our capsule testing guide and conforms to the prescribed release specifications for cellulose capsule shells. NoteThe product is certified as Halal and Kosher. Hypromellose is GRAS listed by American authority FDA which means, it is considered 鈥榞enerally recognized as safe鈥? Product colors and package: Name:Empty Herb Capsules Raw Material:HPMC from pine Sizes:#000, #00, #0, #1,#2,#3,#4 Colors:Clear/transparent/custom colors Printing:According to customer\'s needs MOQ:1 carton Packing qty:#00-75,000pcs/carton #0-100,000pcs/carton #1-120,000pcs/carton #2-160,000pcs/carton Packing:With 2 layers of PE bags in one carton. Payment terms:T/T, L/C, master card,visa,ALIBABA Lead time:within 3 working days Loading port:Qingdao,or any port you want in China 40 feet RF container:350 boxes 20 feet RF container:146 boxesEmpty Capsule China website:http://www.capshealsee.com/vegetable-capsule/empty-capsule/ kullanıcısının profil fotoğrafı

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