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    Material Lifting Crane
    Contrast meaningfully with other tower crane lifting mechanism, YFX type can exert a very strong force on various material lifting crane, which can constitutes a vast field of mechanical working state or non-state.
    a) Configuration
    b) Introduction
    鈼?Main components:
    braking device; purpose-made driving apparatus
    鈼?classical features:
    unique in installation structure;
    safe and reliable in performing;
    excellent in winding measure
    鈼嘙ain fields of application:
    auxiliary wind brake of ports; large crane handling mechanism
    鈼嘢ervice conditions:
    1) Ambient temperature: – 5 鈩?- + 40 鈩?
    2) Working pressure: 8Mpa;
    3) Outdoor rain and snow erosion or corrosive gas and medium should be anticorrosive products.
    鈼?Why choose us:
    1) In terms of quality, the quality of material lifting crane type is in conformity with the contract stipulation;
    2) In terms of quantity, we shall be able to better satisfy our regular customers quantitatively based on large capacity of production.
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